Our Fragile Ecosystem, Let’s Never Forget (3 images)

Finding a new area to capture nature is a big deal for me, so when I discovered this little gem a couple of blocks from where I live, I was happy.  But it is still another clear reminder of how much humanity has done to cut into the earth’s fragile ecosystem and what we need to remember every time we go into nature.

This beautiful White Checkered Butterfly was so fast-moving that it required patience and quietly waiting until I could capture it before it flitted away. They are found in disturbed areas or along the roadside, they are extinct in a few states they were once found in due to chemical spraying.

Checkered White Butterfly

This small White Egret was walking along this man-made creek searching for its prey.  This is a beginning attempt to bring wildlife back into areas they’ve been forced from.

If you look on the left side of this image, you’ll see an apartment complex just outside of this small protected area in the city.  This river serves the fishing and sponging industries and is home to a variety of fish and wildlife, preserving areas like this is crucial to maintain the natural balance essential for our survival.


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