Appreciating the Earth’s Four Elements – (4 images)

April 22nd is Earth Day so I wanted to write a letter of gratitude in appreciation for the Four Elements of Mother Earth to acknowledge the power of her natural resources that if harnessed safely and naturally would benefit all of humanity


Mother Earth – Thank you for your attention to our need for your beauty with a variety of  trees, plants and flowers, insects and wildlife to lift our spirits and to support our lives.

Air  – Thank you for the wind and its power to create energy and the clouds that transform water to nourish humanity and the earth as a reminder of the necessity for clean air.

Water – thank you or your oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks teeming with life as reminder for the need for clean water.
Fire – Thanking the sun for its warmth, the nutrients it shares and the incredible power of its light for without it, we would not be and a reminder to take care of our planet so future generations can reap all of the benefits the sun provides.

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