Uncommon Ducks – How Mandy Found a Home

While many people say that this duck is ugly, I love the Muscovy Duck’s unique appearance.  When I moved into an apartment with a lake, they sometimes greeted me in the parking lot or made an attempt to snatch greenery from my patio garden, I found them charming, determined and stubborn.

muscovey duck final1

I was struck by the pure beauty of this male Mandarin Duck.  They aren’t hunted as food, but they are poached and sold for their beautiful plumage. They have developed feral colonies in the UK and oddly in a couple of small towns in California and North Carolina.

mandarin duck final1


My friend, Mandy, is a rescue from a local shelter.  She was the first rescue I had befriended; when we first “met” she licked my fingers, then she bit me, gently, that little kitty kiss was confirmation that she was ours. She is sweet, funny, unique and very loving.  I would highly recommend considering rescuing and adopting an animal companion from a public or private shelter; you will have a wonderful friend and you will be giving a forever home for a very deserving animal to enjoy the rest of their life in.



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