Magnificent Trees and Me (Mandy) in a Box

My mom loves trees, she sees them as beautiful examples of how extraordinary nature is and the amazing effect that they have on human beings, take a look at her great photos. I see them as giant scratching posts and something to chase lizards around!

Trees –

  1. clean the air
  2. provide oxygen
  3. offset climate change
  4. cool street heat in the city
  5. save water
  6. prevent soil erosion
  7. are teachers and playmates
Sunlit tree-lined path


Slash Pine Trees

Earth Tree
Fig Tree (A member of the Banyan Tree Family) with Aerial Roots

Here I am in one of my favorite places, a cardboard box. Mom has gotten toys for me, even has a nice big soft bed to lie on, but if there is a box around, I would rather curl up and take a “cat” nap in the box, I just love it.

Mandy in a small box



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