A Drive to the Countryside (3 images)

Ah, an unplanned weekend drive to the country with no agenda other than to experience nature and enjoy the day, my idea of a perfect day.

This herd of Elk was an unexpected surprise.  As we were driving to our destination, I looked over and saw them standing in the middle of a farm field, (these intelligent animals chose this spot because hunters are forbidden from these areas).


We were high enough in the mountains that we met with freezing temperatures and snow.  My first snow in ages, it was beautiful and a welcome surprise. This is part of Meadowlark Lake Resort in the Big Horn Mountains.


This was a scenic pullout on the way back home, because I feel most at home surrounded by mountains, I am captivated by the rugged beauty and feelings of peace.


A Mule Deer & a Mare and Her Filly (2 images)

As we pulled over to the side of the road, the group of Mule Deer that this female was a part of started to take off. I am glad I had my camera out and ready before she sprinted away.

Now that I am in the West where these beautiful animals are so prolific, I am excited to be able to include images of horses in my portfolio.  This mare and her filly were grazing until I pulled my camera out, I know that she knew I was a friend.

Wow! Panoramic Vista and Snow on the Mountains (2 images)

Seeing wide stretches of land after being in a crowded city is breathtaking for me.  These images are a departure for me now that I am able to photograph areas that are still unspoiled.

Known as the Gooseberry Badlands, this stretch of rugged terrain was once beneath the ocean. This image is panoramic encompassing a wider view of this unique scenery.


The snow-covered Absaroka mountain range shrouded in clouds looked so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

The Magic of an Autumn Day (5 images)

We traveled to a beautiful archaeological park to celebrate my sister’s birthday and to experience the beauty of nature.  We saw over 12,000 years of native american history, a variety of nature and plenty of animals along the way, it was a magical day.





The Wild West (4 images)

These Pronghorn Antelope were roaming a barley field took off as we pulled over because it’s the beginning of hunting season.


This is a beautiful natural mineral hot spring.  As you can see there are colorful deposits throughout the spring.


This is buffalo territory, the winds were strong and cold so they weren’t around, a bit of a disappointment, but the beauty of this vista made the trip there well worth it.


A travel note: As we traveled across country, Mandy spent little time in her Sherpa bag,. She was so intrigued by riding in a vehicle and everything going on as we voyaged across the country that she spent most of her time sitting at the window.


Goodbye Florida, Westward Ho! (3 images)

As I pack my belongings and prepare to move I thought I would share one final post from Florida. After living here for 18 years, in two weeks I will be returning to my beloved west.  I will live in Wyoming for several months then return home to Arizona sometime next spring.  What a fantastic photographic opportunity!

I look forward to adding a new dimension to my images not only will the photos change, my photographic skills will be challenged and enhanced as I embark on all new territory..

These are some notable images:

Unloading freshly caught sponges in the Greek Village, Sponge Docks


Sunset on the Gulf Beach, Indian Rocks


University of Tampa, formerly Tampa Bay Hotel, built between 1884 and 1891 by Florida railroad magnate, Henry B. Plant.