Beautiful, Powerful Birds of Prey (3 Images)

This photo was a dream come true. I had been hoping to capture a bald eagle for some time when I was leaving the reserve for the day, I glanced up and this beauty was sitting at the edge of the beach on top of a bare tree, it was an amazing feeling.

Juvenile Bald Eagle


I was in a small city park when I heard that familiar cry.  The park was full of activity but that didn’t disturb this Osprey as it perched on top of a nearby tree.

Osprey in the Park


As I was leaving a very large nature park, I experienced something that I can only explain as magical.  A large bird flew so close to me that I could feel the air flow of its powerful wings as it passed me, I only knew it was a hawk when it landed in this nearby tree.  I will never forget that day.

Red Shouldered Hawk


Peculiar Sea Life (3 images)

I thought I would share images of the unusual creatures I don’t see often. The first one is a sea urchin sitting slightly under the water’s edge, I love the light in this one. Then I saw this strange object on the beach to find out it is a Whelk/sea-snail egg case, which I found fascinating and finally the light was just right when I captured a male and female fiddler crab just below the surface of the water.



Nature’s Textures Have Great Staying Power (3 Images)

I love the combination of color, light, visual design and the variety of textures and patterns in nature. Textures and patterns convey the movement of nature and adds a dimension of what’s happening when I take the picture. For me they become a vital part of the visual story that I create with each image.

The Garden Window


A Windy Afternoon


Resting on a Palm

The Chicks have Appeared! (two images)

It always a good time when the chicks come out with mom, they are so adorable to watch. This female mallard’s nestlings hustled behind mom never losing sight as she swam this little creek in a nearby park.

A great surprise as I was walking and photographing the two adult Osprey was the chick that popped up and stayed there long enough for me to take a couple of pictures.


Our Fragile Ecosystem, Let’s Never Forget (3 images)

Finding a new area to capture nature is a big deal for me, so when I discovered this little gem a couple of blocks from where I live, I was happy.  But it is still another clear reminder of how much humanity has done to cut into the earth’s fragile ecosystem and what we need to remember every time we go into nature.

This beautiful White Checkered Butterfly was so fast-moving that it required patience and quietly waiting until I could capture it before it flitted away. They are found in disturbed areas or along the roadside, they are extinct in a few states they were once found in due to chemical spraying.

Checkered White Butterfly

This small White Egret was walking along this man-made creek searching for its prey.  This is a beginning attempt to bring wildlife back into areas they’ve been forced from.

If you look on the left side of this image, you’ll see an apartment complex just outside of this small protected area in the city.  This river serves the fishing and sponging industries and is home to a variety of fish and wildlife, preserving areas like this is crucial to maintain the natural balance essential for our survival.

From the Dock Behind the Fresh Fish Market (2 images)

As I stood at the river’s edge behind the fresh fish market, a fisherman docked his fishing boat to unload his catch. The market sits across from an estuary bustling with Pelicans nesting and a variety of other seabirds who inhabit the small island.

This female pelican took a break from her nesting duties to grab a fish tossed by the fisherman as he loaded the conveyor tube.

This small white egret was perched on the boat rail waiting patiently for its share as the fisherman prepared his catch for the fresh fish market when its beautiful plumage rose with the winds.

Appreciating the Earth’s Four Elements – (4 images)

April 22nd is Earth Day so I wanted to write a letter of gratitude in appreciation for the Four Elements of Mother Earth to acknowledge the power of her natural resources that if harnessed safely and naturally would benefit all of humanity


Mother Earth – Thank you for your attention to our need for your beauty with a variety of  trees, plants and flowers, insects and wildlife to lift our spirits and to support our lives.

Air  – Thank you for the wind and its power to create energy and the clouds that transform water to nourish humanity and the earth as a reminder of the necessity for clean air.

Water – thank you or your oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks teeming with life as reminder for the need for clean water.
Fire – Thanking the sun for its warmth, the nutrients it shares and the incredible power of its light for without it, we would not be and a reminder to take care of our planet so future generations can reap all of the benefits the sun provides.