Vintage Horses – Honoring National Day of the Horse (2 images)

Update: I honor the contribution of the many thousands of horses that have given of themselves to and for humanity.

Today, December 13, is National Day of the Horse – a day to recognize the contribution of horses to the economy, history and character of the United States.

I created these images in sepia to feature my beautiful subjects and I love horses with a vintage look.



Moonrise and Sunset & Mandy’s First Christmas Tree (3 images)

Because there was forecasted cloud cover, this was taken the day before the actual supermoon. The moonrise is just over the Big Horn Mountain range.


I took this sunset over a field just across the highway, the burst of color in the clouds was spectacular.


Mandy has never seen a real Christmas tree.  Now that we’re where the weather is seasonal, it’s time for a live tree.  She was curious about the big thing in the living room, it smells great and the empty branches were fun to cuff at.

A Christmas Parade of Lights at Night (1 image)

This was taken at the Christmas Parade of Lights last night that began the festivities of the holidays for my family this year.  It was a cold and crisp night, but there was so much enthusiasm from the children on the floats and the rousing holiday music, it wasn’t as noticeable.

(this is from my first set of night images with my new camera, I am thrilled it turned out so well.)

Wind River Canyon (3 images)

The Wind River Canyon, the Boysen Reservoir and this free roaming American Bison were the amazing experiences I had over the Thanksgiving weekend.

While the American Bison is no longer endangered, there are only 75,000 living either in private reserves, state or national parks, the park rangers make sure that these remarkable animals are in good health and always respected as wild animals.


Boysen Reservoir – formed around 1952, this reservoir has a marina and plenty of fishing.


Wind River Canyon, a part of the Arapaho and Shoshone reservation, the beauty is breathtaking.


A Beautiful View (1 image)

Oh joy, I have a new camera, lots of new options and a lot to learn.  This is the first round of images I  took.  This is the mountain range I can see from the house every day, how spectacular.  How cold it is can be seen by the amount of snow on the mountains, making the view even more amazing.

Sandhill Cranes, From the East Coast to the Prairie (3 images)

I was surprised to discover Sandhill Cranes feeding in the farm field behind the house.  When I heard the familiar warble I was thrilled to know that they also mate, nest and feed in parts of Wyoming, migrating south for the winter.

These beautiful, graceful birds stand almost 4 feet tall with broad wings and short tails. When they fly, their legs and neck are extended. They’re known for their throat-catching cries. you can hear them from a great distance away.

Status: Sandhill Cranes are vulnerable due to loss of habitat.


The Sandhill Crane mating ritual is an amazing sight, I was fortunate to catch this pair as I was walking one afternoon, I had never seen it first hand.